Thursday, June 24, 2010


Remember this?

Well she is here! She is the newest member of our family and we are so excited to have her here. She is so sweet, congrats Brett and Stacey.


This happy little thing is my niece. She did so good as well...she was all smiles for a full hour(not too bad for a 7 month old) then she was done.


This darling little girl belong to a girl that I have worked with at the salon since the beginning. She did so good! Especially since halfway through she took a tumble and got a fat lip. We took a little break and she was totally fine.

This is about 2 seconds before the tumbleHer lip swelled up a little, now she just looks like she had a little bit of baby botox

Monday, June 21, 2010

Spencer and Jan

These two are so much fun and some of the nicest people ever! They are getting married this Friday and I am so excited for them.


How cute is she? Her mom is one of my clients at the salon and I just love their family. Look at all of that hair.